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We provide Professional Dog Grooming Cat Grooming for small to medium breeds of Dogs and Cats!

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 Pet Grooming Services

for most Small, Medium Breed Dogs

Cat Grooming for Cats that Love to be Groomed!


Nail Trimming/filing          $12-$15

Paw Conditioning  $15

Teeth Brushing        $8

Nail Polish                  $10

Matting Fee               $10-$15

Anal Glands- We do not express anal glands unless requested at check in

Special handling Fee $10-$25:

(Any pet that needs extra care)Examples are older pets, Behavior problems etc..

We want to stress we are happy to accommodate  your pets special needs but it does take more time and more staff to accommodate them in a safe manner.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT NEW PETS WHO ARE OVER 12 YEARS OF AGE OR WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS. We feel pets who are older should be groomed by a Veterinarian.  

Complete Dog Grooming: Breed Cut,Brush, Bath, Drying, Nails Trimmed/Filed, Ear Cleaning, Bows or Bandana and Cologne

Small Breeds               $65-$75

Medium Breeds         $85-$120

Standard Poodles and Doodles $125-$150

Prices are estimates.

Bath and Tidy: Brush, Bath and Dry, Trimming of Feet, Face, and Sanitary. Bows or Bandana and Cologne

Small Breeds          $35-$45

Medium Breeds   Call or stop by with your pet for price

Prices are estimates.


Full Grooming: hair cut and bath     $85

Lion Cut no Bath                                        $70

Long Hair Brush out and Bath.          $85

Short Hair Brush out and Bath.        $55

Prices are estimates

Call for Price for Larger Breed Dogs

We Groom Most Breeds of Dogs and Cats